Derian House Hospice

Our largest project to date and most rewarding

As a member of the APL we were chosen by Greenfingers charity who fund gardens for hospices all over the country to undertake this project. Together with Daniel Atkin from Adam Frost Landscapes in Lincolnshire the design was put together using the brief given which was to create a space for everyone but targeting young adults 16 -25yrs .

We had an open field which dropped slightly into a small woodland area.

The focal point of the garden was a circular sunken seating area created from wooden sleepers with Gabion seating and a barbecue. Wildflower matting was planted to mask the area and give a little privacy.

Woodland pathways were created that meandered along with benches to stop and take in the wildlife, planting and peacefulness. 37tonnes of hardcore was used to create the pathways which were edged with a metal edging strips and furnished with a self binding gravel and then compacted so they can be used by wheelchairs. Raised planting areas were installed, again accessible for wheelchair users. Lighting was installed amongst the trees along with animal structures.

Overall it was transformed to a beautiful space where you could be alone with your thoughts or socialise with a crowd around the sunken seating area, surrounded by nature.