Composite Decking

Composite decking is the alternative to wood and highly desirable at the moment due to its longevity and low maintenance .
This comes at a cost and there are many ,many suppliers offering composite with varying degrees of quality and cost typically between £50 - £90 per sqm for a decent one.

Composite decking is primarily made up of timber fibres and recycled plastics . There are hollow or solid boards and it is usually fitted with clips to avoid any visible fixings .
It comes in all colours with imprinted wood grain effects again of varying quality .
The cheaper end of the market tends to look more plastic and less natural but on the other hand the cost is lower than it was a few years ago .

We can offer a mid - range composite that comes in five colours and carries a 10 year warranty . Alternatively ,If you find a composite elsewhere we have no problem installing that either .

Decisions need to be made about the frame work as the SYP and composites will out last the traditional soft wood frame.
We advise using the SYP framework for its longevity . Yes ,it costs a bit more but makes perfect sense . After all you dont want to have to take your composite boards up to replace your framework !