Millboard Decking

Millboard is probably the best real wood effect composite on the market . I have given it a heading of its own as it is unique to the market in that it is made from polyurethane.

It is a solid board ,flexible ,strong with a elastane layer hand tinted and moulded from real oak . It is non - porus making it highly resistant to algae growth and comes with a 25yr warranty against rot and board splits.

In my opinion it is the best composite on the market ,I even have it in my own garden. It is also the most expensive on the market with board costs at around £120 per sqm .

It certainly enhances any garden and will add value to your property but being honest if you are not in your forever home you may think twice about having it installed . Millboard supply there own framework which is a recycled solid plastic but again is very expensive .
As an alternative I tend to use the SYP framework as it is cheaper and offers the longevity to match the Millboard .